Frequently Asked Questions

What is a limited registration?

The puppy is still registered with the AKC, but no litters produced by this pup will be eligible for registration.  In addition, this pup is ineligible to enter a breed competition, but can compete in Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Lure Coursing, Agility and Earthdog competitions.

What is a tweenie?

AKC standard states that miniature dachshunds are 11 pounds and under at one year of age or older and standard dachshunds are usually between 16 and 32 pounds.  Sometimes you will have a dachshund that falls between these two weight categories and is unofficially deemed a “tweenie”.

What is a smooth coat?

Smooth coat and shorthair are one and the same, characterized, unsurprisingly, by short, smooth, shiny fur.

What is a broken coat?

A broken coat is fur length that is not long enough to be considered long, but not short enough to be considered short.  The outcome of coat length is largely determined by what is in the puppy’s gene pool.  Depending on their lineage, a smooth can easily produce long coats, even when mated to another smooth, and vice versa.  This seems to be a very popular coat length..the best of both worlds!

Can you guarantee size?

Size can never be guaranteed with 100% accuracy. Again, genetics play a large role in determining the adult size of your pup and the best we can do is take a look at the lineage of the pup and make a guess based on the size of the parents and grandparents.

Are the parents on the premises?

In most cases they are. Occasionally, I use one of my sister’s stud dogs in the interest of making a specific color or pattern, or she may have a male that better compliments my female. Otherwise, both parents are owned by me.

Do you offer stud service?

We would be happy to consider providing your female with stud service. Please feel free to call or email and we can discuss the possibility.

Do you ever sell retired adults?

To date, we have been unable to part with any of our retired adults. However, we recognize that there may come a day when one of our pets may fare better in a one on one home in a warm lap reserved just for them. Also, sometimes circumstances prevent previous customers from keeping their beloved companion, and they turn to us for help in placing their dachshund in a loving home.

Which makes a better pet; a male or a female?

This can be a hotly debatable subject, depending on where your affections lie!  In my personal opinion, whether your pup is a male or a female is not is as important as it’s temperament. As with people, every personality is different, and the end result is determined by many factors including genetics and environment. In general, dachshunds make wonderful family companions, regardless of their sex.

What is the best way to “potty train”?

The method you employ to potty train your puppy is very much a personal decision. Due to the ever growing popularity and success of the crate training method, we start our puppies out here in a crate so that it always feels like a safe haven and never a punishment. You can literally see the instinct develop that discourages them from soiling their “den”. This method allows the new owner of the pup to remove them from the crate and let them outside, or take them to a designated potty area such as a newspaper or a pee pee pad. Undoubtedly this is the most challenging aspect of dachshund ownership, but can be overcome with consistency and perseverance.

How does the purchasing process work?

Once a pup is born that you have expressed interest in, we we will ask a few questions about your family members, work schedule, previous and current pet ownership, and how you intend to provide outdoor exercise . If everything sounds like a good match, we would then accept a deposit. A deposit can be placed in person when possible, by mailing check or money order, through paypal, or with a credit card via square. If you are submitting your deposit through the USPS, we allow 5 business days to receive it. Once you notify us that your deposit is enroute, the pup of your choosing will be "on hold" for you until your deposit arrives. Upon receipt of your deposit, your chosen pup then becomes officially "reserved". The deposit is, of course, applied to the total purchase price of your pup. As a courtesy, we do try to provide updated pictures when we can.