About Us

Our Beginnings


In the spring of 1990, my sister found herself with an orphaned litter of three dachshund pups that needed our help to survive. As a dog lover, I was glad to add my hands to the big job of pulling these precious babies through. I took care of them while my sister was at work, and she picked them up and nurtured them through the night. We had to keep them warm, bottle feed them, and wipe their little bottoms with a warm cotton ball to simulate the mother licking them in order to help them do their business. Talk about being intimately acquainted! Though even the veterinarian was dubious we would be able to raise these pups, we took great pride and immense satisfaction in the fact that we not only pulled all three pups through, but they, in fact thrived! As you can imagine, we were smack dab in love with them by the time they were eight weeks old and ready to be placed in a new home, and neither my sister nor I could bear the thought of parting with them. So, my sister kept two of them, and generously gifted me with the third. It is at this point that my love affair with dachshunds took flight. It took me a couple of years to have my own litter and now it just isn’t home if there isn’t a litter of pups to come home to.

What sets our puppies apart?

I feel that our puppies are special because we go to great lengths to start out with quality parents! We look for great temperament and excellent conformation that mom and dad can pass on to the pups. In that endeavor, we have retained several generations of our original line, in addition to bringing in excellent lines that other conscientious breeders have developed. Add to that the fact that all of our puppies are raised amongst our human family being handled and loved right from day one and you have the recipe for a wonderful dachshund!

The Joy of Dachshunds


My experiences with dachshunds have traveled many different paths. They are very much a family affair for us as my sister has dachshunds, my dad has a few, and my brother even has one, much to his chagrin! They are always common ground for us, and we never lack for silly antics to share at a family get together! My brother and his family, always in good humor, grumble at how their Dougie curls up in the dog food storage bin so that the dalmatian and the boxer can’t eat out of it, my dad tells how his dachshunds play with the cat and spend almost all their free time on his lap (and he is not exaggerating!), and my sister always has something to say about one of her “kids”! Don’t tell her I told you, but Bea does not get out of bed until at least 10 o’clock! I am not sure who owns who in that instance, but in the end it doesn’t matter. And I never tire of telling everyone how Pokey runs and hides behind the toilet when I start picking up the toys she has scattered all over, because she knows the vacuum is coming out next! Or how we call home and sing and talk to the dogs over the answering machine when we are gone for a long time. Dachshunds have wonderful personalities and have a great deal to offer. Which is a good thing, because it helps make up for the times when they are stubborn and determined to get their own way!