Lil pups with lots of love!

Walton’s Dachshunds is located in rural Western New York. We are breeders of AKC miniature and small standard dachshunds in most colors and patterns and all three coat types. Our puppies are raised in our home in a warm, loving environment with lots of attention and affection from all members of our family.

We strive to provide you with an adorable, healthy, playful puppy that will be a treasured member of your family for many years to come. We like to think they go from our lap to yours!


We are fully compliant with the American Kennel Club, and we are licensed by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

We have added a couple more litters to the site.  Most of our waiting list has been satisfied, so if you have any questions about any of the peanuts, please let us know!


My brother in law has a litter of red longhair male pups. They are 7 months old, crate trained, have had all 3 puppy shots, and their initial rabies. He is asking only $300 each! Their pictures do not do them is very challenging to photograph a playful pup! grin They can be seen by scrolling to the bottom of the puppy picture page and clicking on more available pups.  He can be reached at or 585-721-3507

Upcoming Litters

Hoping to have exciting news very soon! 

Happy words from happy owners...


Hey Kim!!

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and just say thank you. I never was a dog person growing up. I never wanted a dog I loved my cats haha. When I met mike all he talked about was wanting a long haired dachshund so I let him talk me into it since I forced him to take in 2 cats lol. Ralphie has literally changed my life. He is the sweetest kindest puppy I have ever met. I have so much love for him. He knows when I’m not feeling well or am in a bad mood and he comes over to comfort me. I don’t know what you do to your dogs but it’s amazing. You can absolutely tell that they came from a home with such warm hearts. It breaks my heart when we can’t take him places with us and I so look forward to the weekends when I can spend the most time with him. He loves us both so much and I can’t imagine not having him!! I can’t wait to come back and find another perfect dog from you in the future. We are so grateful for you!! Thank you so so much!!!


- Mike, Jess, and Ralph

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